Increased Oil recovery


The main targets are:

  • To increase Oil company’s investments efficiency
  • To increase reserves
  • To increase recovery factor (RF)
  • To design strategy of field development

On the basis of interwell surveys (Well testing, Production logging etc) using full range of tools and methods, i.e. analytical and numerical modeling.




Ready solutions of increasing of oil recovery (Reservoir Study) projects:


[1] “Green” Oil field “Y”


  • Huge pinches of the layers
  • Uncertainties in reserves estimation
  • Long lasting pressure maintenance system, initiation
  • Illegible well test data


Download Oil filed Y – solution


[2] Oil field “B”




  • Low recovery factor (RF)
  • Reduction of recovery rates
  • Watercut growth
  • Low efficiency of hydraylic fracturings
  • Abrupt growth of watercut in exact wells


Download Oil filed B – solution