Pressure Transient Well Testing Data Analysis


Well testing belongs to the dynamic part of the reservoir description and characterization process.


SIAM Company provides services in test design and pressure transient data interpretation.


Test design:

  • To prepare the right test schedule (within practical limits) within the context of the well test objectives
  • To select appropriate equipment to carry out a well test
  • To provide sensitivity analysis of main parameters (requirements to equipment & etc.)
  • To minimize the duration of the test & production losses
  • To comply with safe working and good oilfield practices


Pressure transient data interpretation:

  • To evaluate the tested reservoir and tested well:
    • Well performance – well productivity or injectivity, bottomhole pressure, absolute open flow potential
    • Reservoir characterization – the type of the tested reservoir and tested well, formation pressure, effective permeability, skin, distance to boundaries, etc.


SIAM Company provides 3000+ interpretation jobs/year. We apply pressure derivative analysis and other modern approaches for data interpretation and verification. The both Saphir (Kappa Engineering) and PanSystem (EPS) are used for test design and data analysis (conventional and numerical).