Data interpretation

Data interpretation

Well test design

Interpretation and reinterpretation

Interference test

Dynamic gas survey


Well test design

The quality and utility of result of well testing, from the point of view of managerial decision, mostly depends on the aim which is clearly stated before the research and on a correctness of the executed operations on the well site.


Conditions of research ([work period’s duration and breaks), types of used equipment and research technology are determined in large extend upon a target. The target of SIAM Consulting is to adjust well testing process with a Customer’s geology department’s information needs:

In other words, well testing design and planning is fulfilled to surely get information that is necessary at a low cost.


The design process include:


As a result the Customer gets research crash time full study and research equipment kit together with a plan of actions on the well.


Samples (pdf, 278 kb)


Data interpretation and reinterpretation


SIAM Consulting has a wide experience of well testing data interpretation of the fields with a different geology, fluid-types and on the stages of field development. Data interpretation is carried out by experts that apply the “PanSystem” (EPS) and “Saphir” (Kappa) software products.


During the interpretation process all available subjects of design data are used that allows getting the most reliable information about a reservoir characteristics and critical area of reservoir characteristics.

It should be emphasized that reinterpretation operations of the previous periods of research and particularly of the researches carried out on the exploration and/or test operation stages are especially actual because they characterize collector’s initial state.


Moreover the conduction of these works allows determining adoptability of used research technologies and equipment, systematizing and organizing well testing database, providing data storage and function.


Within the research reworking operations following actions are fulfilled:

  1. Initial data analysis.
  2. Reasonable assumption of reservoir critical parameters and reservoir fluids using the available information.
  3. Instrument data quality and research technology applicability/observance analysis.
  4. Research interpretation using PanSystem/Saphir software packages and subject of research additional data.
  5. Report generation in a coordinated with the customer format.
  6. Well testing database creation.


Drawdown test interpretation sample (pdf, 505 kb)

Build-up test interpretation sample (pdf, 680 kb)



Interference test

The aim of the interference rest is to determine horizontal permeability anisotropy, interwell interference assessment, impermeable boundary detection, reserves confirmation in the interwell space and so forth. This research is long lasting and resource intensive and for these reasons it requires careful design to reduce the risk of getting the low-quality data. 


Standard approach to the interference test design is modeling using the PanSystem, Saphir software. This approach has a range of drawbacks, viz. impossibility of taking into account permeable and thickness heterogeneity and other geology features of an object. That is why for detailed research modeling Eclipse software simulation study is applied.


Within the work following operations are provided:

  1. Research goals and objectives coordination.
  2. Choice and coordination with the Customer of the wells for interference test.
  3. Planning research multiple-path analysis in terms of reservoir hydrodynamic model and research characteristic choice.
  4. Ultimate list of wells adoption.
  5. Research key parameters determination: production volume, interference test overall time, perturbance period and quantity of the impulsive disturbances.
  6. Guidelines for research running technology and equipment requirements (responsiveness, autonomous work period, recording discrecity) design.
  7. Fieldworks plan formation.
  8. Interference test (Can be fulfilled by the Customer or by the Company’s service department “SIAM Master” ltd in accordance with the Customer)
  9. Processing of results and the report making.  

Examples (pdf, 42 kb)





Dynamic gas survey


Gas test interpretation sample (pdf, 208 kb)