Wireline & Slickline Services

Siam Company provides many kinds of wireline & slickline services for oil & gas producing wells and water injection wells such as surface read out (SRO) and memory read out (MRO).


There are Dual Drum Wireline / Slickline Truck Units, Single drum Slickline Truck Units, Skid-Mounted Dual Drum Wireline / Slickline Units, used onshore standard and sour service.


Up-to-date electronic downhole gauges with non-volatile memory are available for acquisition of down hole pressure and temperature. The maximum working pressures of the available gauges are from 600 bar (8800 psi) to 1360 bar (20 000 psi), the maximum working temperatures are from 120 C (257 F) to 177 C (350 F).


Wireline/Slickline Services

  • Flowing Bottom-hole pressure measurements (FBHP)
  • Down-Hole Pressure Gradient Measurements
  • Static Bottom-hole pressure measurements (SBHP) / Reservoir pressure measurements
  • Multiple – Rate testing
  • Pressure drawdown testing
  • Pressure build-up testing
  • Injection well testing (fall-of & injection tests)
  • Gas well testing (flow after flow, Isochronal & Modified Isochronal tests)
  • Interference testing