BVK Visual Control Unit

Visual control unit BVK is designed to import data from gauges manufactured by SIAM Company: echometers, dynamometers, wellhead and downhole pressure and temperature gauge, and ensuring prompt visualization of measurement results. BVK is compatible with echometers SUDOS mini 2 and SUDOS automat 2, SIDDOS mini dynamometer, UMT-01 wellhead pressure and temperature gauge, SAMT-02 downhole pressure and temperature gauge.



  • BVK can be connected to the tools on the wellsite, enabling immediate visualization of measuring results
  • All the data contained in a tool can be transferred to BVK that can serve as a data storage for several tools simultaneously
  • Enhanced keyboard may be used to set all the required ids, survey modes, and start the tools
  • The data can be visualized as generalized tables, protocols for a selected survey or charts.



Parameter Value (metric units) Value (field units)


RS-232 (serial port)

RS-232 (serial port)

Memory capacity

Up to 2000 protocols

Up to 2000 protocols

Operation time (powered by the internal power cell)

Up to 1 month

Up to 1 month

Dimensions, not more

150х90х20 mm


Weight, not more

0,35 kg

0,77 lb