Gas Cylinder Set GBO-2

GBO-2 gas cylinder set is designed for combined operation with echometers SUDOS family on wells where annular gas is under vacuum conditions or insignificant (up to 2-3 bar / up to 30-40 PSI) excessive pressure. Combined with echometer SUDOS automat 2, it ensures fully automatic fluid level monitoring.



  • Consists of a gas cylinder, reducer, receiver and connection hose
  • The hose is equipped with a quick-release coupling enabling fast connection/disconnection of the set to the echometer
  • The gas cylinder is filled with the non-inflammable, easily accessible nitrogen under the pressure of up to 150 bar / 2175 PSI
  • Depending on the operating conditions, pressure on the reducer outlet can be smoothly adjusted between 0 and 16 bar / 232 PSI
  • One gas cylinder is enough to perform at least 100 fluid level measurements under the maximum receiver pressure of 16 bar/ 232 PSI



When combined with echometer, GBO-02 ensures efficient automatic fluid level monitoring on wells where annular gas is under vacuum conditions or insignificant (up to several bar / PSI) excessive pressure. It can be very useful when putting wells to the working regime or performing pressure transient tests.


Echometer SUDOS automat 2 has a special operating mode for GBO-02 for more efficient use of the set.



Parameter Value (metric units) Value (field units)

Maximum nitrogen pressure in the cylinder

150 bar

2175 PSI

Reducer outlet pressure (receiver pressure)

0 to 16 bar  

0 to 232 PSI

Receiver volume

0,2 l

0,2 l

Operating temperature range

-40 оС to +50 оС

-40 to +122 F


655 х 225 х 200mm

26 x 8,8 x 7,8 inch

Weight, not more

11 kg

24,2 lb