Acoustic pulse generator GAI-01

Acoustic pulse generator GAI-01 is designed to generate acoustic pulses in the wellbore while monitoring fluid level in oil producing wells in case there is no excessive pressure in the annulus (vacuum conditions or insignificant (up to 1 atm / 14 PSI). GAI-01 is compatible with ecometers SUDOS family. Acoustic pulse generator GAI-01 included in the echometers SUDOS family delivery set.



  • Mono-unit design combining a hand pump, receiver and valve
  • The pump is capable of creating a pressure of up to 6 bar / 87 PSI, which is enough to monitor fluid level of 1500 meters / 4900 ft and deeper.
  • GAI-01 replaces the outlet valve of a echometer



Parameter Value (metric units) Value (field units)

Range of excessive pressure generated

0 to 6 bar

0 to 87 PSI

Receiver volume

0,6 l

0,6 l

Pumpings required to generate pressure of 6 bar / 87 PSI in the receiver



Operating temperature range

-40 оС to +50 оС

-40 to +122 F

Dimensions diameter length

  75mm 345mm

  3 inch 13,6 inch

Weight, not more

1,6 kg

3,5 lb