Horseshoe dynamometer SIDDOS automat 3

Horseshoe dynamometer SIDDOS automat 3 is designed for complex monitoring of sucker rod pump units with two-clamp bridle. The tool performs automatic single and repeated recording of load and position dynamometer cards while the pump is operating or being put to the working mode, as well as monitors leaks during the static state of the pump using the ‘loss line’ technique.



  • Mono-unit design
  • Direct measurements of sucker rod parameters; absolute values are recorded.
  • Tool assembling without a prior unloading of the bridle.
  • Fully automatic tests and performed by a single operator.
  • All the measured data are digitalized during the measurement process and then stored and transferred in the digital format.
  • Light and sound signals inform the operator on the starts and stops of the sucker rod while static load or leaks are monitored.
  • Reliable and easy to use.
  • The tool is equipped with two displays: alphanumeric, enabling its operation in a wide range of temperatures (-40ºС to +50ºС / -40 to +122 F), and graphic, visualizing the survey deliverables.
  • The set of delivery includes a PC database with a library of typical disturbances.



Parameter Value (metric units) Value (field units)

Load measuring range

0-10000 kG

0-22000 lb

Position measuring range

0-3500 mm

0-137 inch

Swinging rate of the walking beam

0,5-10 SPM

0,5-10 SPM

Clamp clearance, not less

45 mm

1,8 inch

Load monitoring resolution

10 kg

22 lb

Position monitoring resolution

5 mm

2 inch

Monitoring time while testing for leaks

15, 30, 60, 120, 240 seconds

15, 30, 60, 120, 240 seconds

Memory capacity

400 dynamometer cards

400 dynamometer cards

Mean operating time between battery charges, under normal weather conditions, not less

10 hours

10 hours

Operating temperature range

-40 to +50ºС

-40 to +122 F


155х290х205 mm

6,1x11,4x8,1 inch

Weight, not more

4,7 kg

10,4 lb






3D View

SRP Operating

SIDDOS automat 3 Video

SIDDOS automat 3 User manual