Echometer SUDOS mini 2

Echometer SUDOS mini 2 is designed for real-time monitoring of the fluid level in oil producing wells. The level gauge monitors the static and dynamic level, records level curves and automatically records gas pressure in the annulus at the wellhead.

The level gauge can be used to monitor the fluid level while operating wells, as well as when putting them back into operation after workover or shutdown.



  • World’s smallest echometer
  • Weight less than 3 kg
  • Mono-unit design for cable-free measurements
  • Operating temperature range of -40°С to + 50°С /-40 to +122 F
  • Vibration, impacts, wet-proof resistance
  • Large memory capacity for storing measured data
  • Easy 4-button control
  • Prompt fluid level calculation – the result is available 1 second after the measurement
  • High-luminance display
  • High-speed data export into a PC database
  • All the measured data are digitalized during the measurement process and then stored and transferred in the digital format.
  • Delivery set of device includes Acoustic pulse generator GAI 01 for generating acoustic signal when the annular pressure is low
  • Software DB SIAM for processing and storing of measured data.



Parameter Value (metric units) Value (field units)

Fluid level measuring range

20-3000 (6000)* m

65-9800 (19600)* ft

Level measuring resolution

1 m

3,3 ft

Pressure measuring range

0-100 bar

0-1450 PSI

Pressure measuring resolution

0,1 atm

1,45 PSI

Memory capacity

3008 alphanumeric records 310 charts

3008 alphanumeric records 310 charts

Continuous operation time, not less

10 hrs

10 hrs

Battery charging time

10 hrs

10 hrs

Operating temperature range

-40 to +50°С

-40 to +122 F


121х289х115 mm

4,7x11,3x4,5 inch

Weight, not more

2,5 kg

5,5 lb


RS 232 / USB

RS 232 / USB


Windows 95 and higher

Windows 95 and higher

*— Option


Options and Accessories


3D View

Measurement principles

SUDOS mini 2 Video 

SUDOS mini 2 User manual