Lightweight Skid mounted Electric Slickline Unit

This is a skid-mounted, truck-mounted or heliportable electrical units for slick-line operations on the well site, developed to respond market needs for economical and lightweight slick-line units.

The Electric Slickline Unit is equipped with the SIAM Company electric drive system which makes fine control possible over a wide range of line speed.







Parameter Value


Standard configuration can operate in -10°C to +50°C

Drum Drive

Electric drive 220 V
Power source (electric generator) 5.0 kW or AC 220 V, 50 Hz
Variable speed drive transmission
Additionally: manual drive

Winch System

One drum with wire capacity 13,100 ft (4,000 m)
Slickline options: from 0.071 in. (1.8 mm) to 0.098 in. (2.5 mm)
Variable-speed control
Operator adjustable manual handbrake
Operator adjustable electric handbrake

Operating Capabilities

Line speed from 1,300 ft/hr (400 m/hr) to 13,100 ft/hr (4,000 m/hr)
Average line pull 661 lbs (300 kg)

Depth & Tension System

Digital Slickline counter
Mechanical Slickline counter
Weight indicator gauge

Control Console

Weight indicator gauge
Mechanical odometer
Electric drive controls
Drum brake control
Counter track control

Weights & Operational Dimensions

Length 5.42 ft (1.65 m)

Width 3.94 ft (1.20 m)

Height 3.28 ft (1.00 m)

Weight 441 lb (200 kg)



Truck Mounted Slickline Units with Operator's Cabin are available

Heavy 6 x 4 truck

Heavy 4 x 4 truck

Light 4 x 4 truck



Skid-type electric slick-line unit datasheet (pdf, 72.8 Kb)

Electric slick-line unit Video (avi, 19.28 Mb)