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Support of well intervention

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Technically and economically evaluated programme of well intervention optimizes oil and gas well development and increases oil recovery factor, conformance control and slowdown of production-decline rate due to watercut control.

Specialists of our engineering center select candidate wells carefully taking into account geological characteristics and pressure and temperature conditions of a field.

Bottomhole acidizing

Efficient method of recovery and improvement of skin zone filtration characteristics to improve performance of producing wells and injectivity.

Цели и задачи:

  • improving performance of producing wells and injectivity;
  • incremental oil production;
  • bottomhole zone pollution abatement;
  • improvement of bottomhole zone filtration characteristics;
  • introduction of by-passed oil;
  • pumping equipment maintenance (cleaning from scale);

The range of application:

  • type of a reservoir: carbonate, terrigenous

The need to carry out such complex projects is connected with the following factors:

  • reserve recovery complexity increase;
  • underexploration of most fields;
  • increase of resources necessary to analyze fields geology and development in more details;
  • lack of well-qualified personnel and work load of departments.

Technology process

  • Services:
    • the selection of candidate wells;
    • the selection and laboratory tests of acid solution;
    • the selection of technology / design planning;
    • bottomhole treatment performance;
    • bottomhole treatment analysis;
  • Technologies:
    • acidizing of vertical / horizontal wells;
    • acidizing before remedial cementing;
    • acidizing of pumping equipment;
    • alternative acid solutions;
    • foam-acid treatment;
    • selective acidizing;
    • removing of reaction products by: swabbing, nitrogen, jet pump;

Distinctive features:

  • individual approach and comprehensive assessment of every well, and result integration of well testing when selecting candidate wells;
  • individual design on the basis of bottomhole treatment purpose;
  • supervising work performance – the control of acid solution quality;
  • prompt recommendation on improvement of bottomhole treatment;
  • application of bottomhole treatment results to plan further treatments and their efficiency improvement step-by-step;

Physical-chemical methods of oil recovery improvement

Effective methods for oil recovery factor improvement, conformance control, and slowdown of oil production decline due to water cut control.

Goals and objectives:

  • the rational use of injected water energy at the late stage of oil field development;
  • recovery of remaining oil in place from watered layers;
  • efficiency improvement of oil and gas displacement;
  • optimisation of hydrocarbon production due to development of supplementary discovery;
  • incremental oil production;

Distinctive features:

  • selecting candidate wells carefully taking into account geological characteristics and pressure and temperature conditions of a field;
  • application of the testing results (hydrodynamic, tracer) when designing a programme of physical-chemical methods of oil recovery improvement;
  • successful practices of treatment of fields with carbonate and terrigenous reservoirs;
  • commitment to eventual results - incremental hydrocarbon production by developing supplementary discovery;

The range of results application:

  • type of a reservoir: carbonate, terrigenous;
  • high water cut;
  • low volumetric efficiency;
  • reservoirs characterized by water influx (high-permeability sublayers);
  • high permeable heterogeneity;

Technology process:

  • the selection of candidate wells: well testing and geological and technological model;
  • the selection of technique and calculation of injectivity;
  • assessment of processing efficiency;
  • analysis of implemented physical-chemical methods of oil recovery improvement;

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