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Appeal to candidates

SIAM Company Ltd. has been in business since 1990 and gained a leading position in the market of equipment and services for well, reservoir and production testing. The company is part of Integra Group, which is rightly regarded as leading integrated oilfield services company in Russia and CIS nations.
Really unique people work in the company. They burn with enthusiasm, aim for new experience, knowledge and skills. Together we tackle challenges, support each other, help and stimulate development. Positive feedback from our partners and clients is a guarantee that we do a fine job.
Constant development of SIAM employees and necessity for social protection are key priorities of our activities.
SIAM is a guarantor of solidarity, quality and effectiveness.

— Operating Officer of the SIAM Block Dubov A.A.

What makes us different from our rivals?

Clear life philosophy and professional approach

We always follow our ideas and enrich our experience. We have more than 300 pleased clients under the belt. We work with most of them on a regular basis.

Career advance and professional growth

We always monitor the level of our employees knowledge and send them to upgrade training courses every month.

The possibility of finding imaginative ways to work flow.

We welcome interesting suggestions from our colleagues and quite often use outside-the-box thinking to solve diverse tasks.

Available vacancies

In our company there are a lot of vacancies in different spheres that deal with our company’s activities.

Human Resources (HR) specialist
  • conducting personnel management in full scope (recruitment, transfer, dismissal, processing all types of leaves, sick leaves);
  • checking and uploading timekeeping sheets into 1C 8.3;
  • reporting to the Pension Fund;
  • personnel management;
  • responding to inquiries from the Pension Fund, the State Labor Inspectorate, etc.
Military registration specialist
  • managing of military registration;
  • registration of notices at the hiring stage, resignation of workers and sending them to military enlistment offices at the place of registration;
  • information check up with Military Commissariats and administration;
  • exemption from active duty;
  • data reporting.
EC&I Еlectrician
  • laying of power and low-current networks, commissioning, within the complex based on the chassis of the car ;
  • installation of equipment and control cabinets;
  • installation of power electrical equipment in explosive zones;
  • checking and adjusting this equipment.
ECI Engineer
  • performance of work on maintenance, routine and major repairs of EC&I, test and support; equipment (measuring instruments, test equipment, utilities equipment) in accordance with approved schedule
  • metrological performances control of measuring instruments;
  • scheduling of equipment examination, metrological performances control and checkout / calibration measurement of maintainable items;
  • control over states and conditions of measuring instruments application, working standards;
  • performance of work on preparation to checkout/calibration of measuring instruments, controlling and failure analysis of measuring systems of maintainable items, conducting theoretical and practical consultations with workers;
  • control and checkout / calibration progress schedule of measuring instruments;
  • maintenance logging;
Lead specialist in energetics
  • organization of electricity generation from mobile diesel power plants.
Electronics engineer to the Almetyevsk service center
  • repairing of electronic equipment (work with the electronic part, minor locksmith work);
  • experience with a welding machine will be an advantage.
Electronics Engineer (Tomsk)
  • preparing for repair works;
  • repairing research equipment and instruments;
  • making and sending requests for spare parts, materials, tools,etc. to the head of the service center;
  • controlling the usage of materials;
  • developing politics for improving quality of repair and service work;
  • analysing the causes of increased wear and tear of research equipment and its failure.
Engineer in equipment testing
  • testing and calibrating devices according to technical conditions;
  • preparing of devices for certification in the Center of standartisation and metrology.
Development engineer of electronic equipment
  • developing of electronic equipment;
  • programming of microcontrollers;
  • writing manuals;
Engineering technologist of CNC lathe
  • developing programs for the manufacture of parts from non-ferrous metals, stainless steel, polymer materials;
  • optimising processing technologies;
  • scheduling the equipment stock.
Rotational workers and engineers for work in the far north regions (Yamalo-Nenets and Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug)
  • slope of down hole equipment.
Master technologist
  • execution of performance plans for the manufacture of devices;
  • site management;
  • keeping records;
  • optimising the process;
  • implementation of new equipment and technologies;
  • solving issues in cooperation with developers;
  • mastering new products and technologies.
Constructor of radioelectronic equipment and devices
  • installing complex components and radioelectronics devices, complex circuit boards with microcircuits and bodyless elements, sensors of physical and electrical quantities, installation and fastening them with adhesive compositions;
  • cleaning of fluxes and impurities strengthening of bundles of complex configuration with adhesives and mastics, sealing of connectors;
  • installing the disassembly of complex wiring diagrams according to schematic diagrams;
  • monitoring the quality of products, to monitor the manufactured nodes;
  • manufacturing harnesses, cables;
  • assembling nodes, consoles, aggregates.
CNC operator (CNC mill, metal turning lathe)
  • CNC processing of parts;
  • metal working in accordance with drawing specifications;
Sales department manager in Almetievsk
  • work in the B2B sector;
  • working with warm database contacts;
  • negotiating and personal meetings with top officials of organisations;
  • working with an existing customer database;
  • tender work;
  • making reports;
  • managing the client from the application to the transaction.
Sales department manager
  • contractual activities (from the preparation of the draft contract to the shipment of products and the closing of obligations);
  • preparing and sending primary accounting documentation;
  • controlling of the finished goods warehouse;
  • making reports;
  • preparing of tender documentation;
EC&I Locksmith
  • execution of technological operations in accordance with the requirements of the schemes and the flow charts;
  • preventive maintenance of the used equipment;
  • implementation of control over manufactured units, product quality;
  • performing assembly operations by step soldering;
  • assembly with mechanical adjustment, fine-tuning and fitting of experimental and experimental samples of equipment.
fitter of radio electronic equipment and tools
  • downhole telemetry system installation at oil and gas fields;
  • assembly of radio electronic equipment;
Locksmith repairer of machining equipment
  • scheduled repair of production site equipment;
  • scheduled preventive maintenance of equipment;
  • identifying the causes of premature wear out of equipment, taking measures to prevent and eliminate them;
  • repairing technical equipment and minor repairs of machine components and mechanisms;
  • accounting of existing equipment (mandrels, fixtures, etc.) and timely ordering of spare parts;
  • adjusting machines
  • maintaining equipment and fittings.
Lathe operator
  • production of parts from different materials: nonferrous metals, stainless steel, polymeric materials;
Design engineer
  • hull production tool engineering;
  • work with unified system of engineering drawings;
  • work with CAE system «Inentor» and «Kompas»;
Industrial engineer (tool engineering)
  • engineering support of radio equipment production process based on surface mounting technologies;
  • processes engineering and machining;
  • work sampling;
  • introduction of special-purpose equipment;
  • collaboration with development engineers;
  • search for and cause removal of defects appearance;
  • development of optimisation measures of production techniques;
Construction metal worker
  • work in nonstandard equipment section;
  • downhole telemetry system installation at oil and gas fields;
  • assembly of communications electronic equipment;
Mill operator
  • work on universal milling machine from a drawing;
Design engineer of radio electronic equipment
  • development of technical specifications;
  • circuit engineering development;
  • writing of technological documentation;
  • writing of operational documentation;
  • microcontroller programming;
Controller of radio electronic equipment
  • setting, adjusting of microprocessing electronic circuit board, digital and analogous nodals, tools;
  • trouble-shooting;
Electronics technician to the Almetyevsk service center
  • repairing electronic equipment;
  • locksmithing;
  • commissioning with the equipment with a visit to the well (temporary work at the facilities of Tatneft);
  • experience with a welding machine and a driver's license of category B will be an advantage.
Driver (B, C vehicle categories)
  • ensuring the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • necessary work to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle;
  • passage of the technical maintenance on time.
Economist of commercial department / Specialist in pricing
  • studying of the technical specifications, formatting a model for calculating the expense portion of the project.Calculating the cost of services in the oil and gas industry;
  • preparing commercial proposals, estimates, calculations, price registers, appendices to contracts;
  • tender work.
Well test operator in Saratov
  • mounting of technological strapping;
  • strapping of the separator ;
  • working on gas dynamic, gas condensate studies;
  • carrying out descent and lifting operations of deep instruments;
  • deep and wellhead sampling.
Research and Technology Center Specialist
  • work in a large growing company;
  • opportunity for career advancement;
  • supportive and reasonable management.
Oil and gas well diagnostics operator, Nefteyugansk city
  • processing equipment assembly;
  • separator assembly (gas separator, oil-gas separator, gas-condensate separator);
  • conducting well testing in gas, gas condensate wells;
  • bottomhole tools tripping;
  • downhole and wellhead sampling;
Driver of B, C vehicle categories in Nefteyugansk
  • ensuring the technical condition of the vehicle;
  • necessary work to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle;
  • passage of the technical maintenance on time;
  • mounting of technological strapping;
  • strapping of the separator;
  • working on gas dynamic, gas condensate studies;
  • carrying out descent and lifting operations of deep instruments;
  • deep and wellhead sampling.

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