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The engineering center SIAM performs more focused tasks – we carry out research, development and engineering work for our customers. For example, complex analytics to generalize well, production and reservoir testing data. We also offer unique engineering solutions, which we introduce into client’s production. So, the revenues of a partner company increases and business processes are optimized.

We carry out complex analytics to generalize well, production and reservoir testing data, and offer unique engineering solutions, which we introduce into client’s production to optimize cost and increase revenues of a partner company.

One of the main aspects of the company's strategic direction has always been and is the extension of the engineering and analytical services complex. It is the services complex that is meant here as it covers a large range of activities in the oil industry. That is why research, development, and engineering are an essential part of our development plan. For this purpose the Prospective Development Department was established as part of the Engineering center in 2013. The department was established on the base of the existing engineering support division in the well testing department. Today specialists of this department solve different complex tasks at a top professional level, integrating available experience and approved practices of the whole Engineering center with new ideas and modern methods which exist in the industry.

Since 2010 specialists of the engineering support division and the Prospective Development Department have carried out:

  • 24 complex works on pressure transient analysis;
  • 11 Research and Development Project (including testing conducted within complex pressure transient analysis) in the following areas:
    • The development of conducting and interpretation method of PTA for low-permeable carbonate reservoirs in gas condensate fields;
    • The analysis of interference based on field data;
    • wateflooding system optimisation;
    • development of cyclic waterflooding programme to increase reservoir recovery;
    • the estimation of flow profile using data from permanent systems with distributed pressure and temperature sensors;
    • the analysis of abnormal pressure buildup in the wells with high gas-oil ratio;
    • the analysis of sound velocity rate in the annulus of pumping wells etc.;
  • 6 experimental-industrial researches;

Beside that, Procedural guidelines on PTA have been developed. More than 10 short intelligence reports and presentations on different topics, such as «Pressure profile analysis in pumping wells», «Analytical calculation of recovery rate», «The analysis of auto-fracturing parameters» have been prepared.

Clients of our scientific and engineering and analytical services are CJSC Vankorneft, PJSC VCNG, OJSC Severneftegazprom, LLC Gazprom dobycha Astrakhan, LLC RN-Uvatneftegas, LLC Taas-Yuryakh Neftegazodobycha, OJSC Udmurtneft, OJSC Varyeganneftegaz etc.

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