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Geology for non-geologists

General information

Working language:


The training duration:

32 hours

The target audience:

Specialists in the field of oil and gas field development and operation and reservoir production improvement, that don’t have special education in Geology.


The office of SIAM MASTER Ltd: 10 A, Oktyabrskaya street, Tomsk 634003. The minimum number of trainees is 6.

This course was designed to study reasonable approaches of using different sources of factual information for geological modelling and theoretical geological knowledge. Also, trainees will get a practical experience of analysing geostatistical data using specialised software and will get familiar with facies and petrophysical modelling, saturation calculation, and calculation of geological reserves.


  • consultation is held in the form of an interactive training with presentations and active involvements of trainees;
  • discussion of problems and questions;


  • basic knowledge about the usage of different information sources for geological modelling
  • introduction to the methods of 3D geological modelling and to the differences among permanent geological models;
  • study of the basics of reporting mapping creation for different data types, quality control of mapping and its compliance with approved requirements;

Training content

1 day

Introduction to the theory of modelling hydrocarbon fields. Data types for different stages and steps of permanent geotechnical modelling creation. Steps of geological model creation. Data visualization and editing. Data download.

2 day

Basics of facies analysis. Creation of correlation schemes. Creation of fault model and horizon model with the help of integrated structural modelling. Data pre-processing (calculation of wells attributes and map construction) for calculating reserves using two dimensional deposit model. 3D grid creation. Averaging well information into the grid cell.

3 day

The usage of geostatistics on every step of the modelling. Variogram analysis. Object and pixel facies modelling. Petrophysical modelling. Cube calculation of permeability. Basic knowledge about facies permeability, capillary pressure, and J-function.

4 day

Saturation modelling. Calculating reserves using three dimensional geological model. Quality evaluation of three dimensional geological modelling. Using the results of geological modelling.

5 day

Preparation and export of data for hydrodynamic modelling. Rescaling of geological modelling and its quality evaluation.

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