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Production logging or control methods (or analogues)

General information

Working language:


The training duration:

40 hours

The target audience:

Specialists in the sphere of oil and gas field development and operation.


The office of SIAM MASTER Ltd: 10 a Oktyabrskaya street, Tomsk 634003. The minimum number of trainees for the training is 6.

Получение базовых знаний и практических навыков в области интерпретации ГИС и развитие понимания и контроля качества интерпретации.


  • training is conducted in the form of online training which implies audiovisual delivery (presentation) and active involvement of trainees;
  • discussion of problems and questions;
  • cases;


  • acquiring basic knowledge and skills in the field of interpretation of production logging and development of awareness and interpretation quality control.
  • the ability to make prompt decisions on optimizing flooding system at different stages of development.

Training content

1 day

The task of field development control solved with production logging. The combination and application of production logging. Protocols. Physical properties of reservoir fluids. Reservoir properties. The work procedures. Determination of active reservoir and fluid imbibition segments, production log. Temperature logging. Static Gradient. Practical work - temperature logging.

2 day

Mechanical and thermoconductive flowmetering. Participant activity - profile log. Tracer analysis, radiogeochemical anomalies, noise logging. Practical work - tracer analysis.

3 day

Composition analysis of fluid in the wellbore. Gamma-densitometry. Dielectrical water-cut log. Induction mud resistivity log. Practical work - composition analysis of fluid in the wellbore.

4 day

The monitoring of current reservoir oil saturation and reservoir watercut; pulsed neutron logging. Carbon-oxygen logging. Practical work - pulsed neutron logging. electrical methods of cased well survey.

5 day

Monitoring of the technical condition of wells and determination of equipment running depth. Directional survey of well and well diameter measurement. Cement level detection in the annulus and the quality of casing cementing. Supervision over technical condition of casing, drill pipes and tubings. Perforation, perforation control. Shot-firing operations. Questions and answers. Feedback from trainees.

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