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The features of well performance, equipped with ESP unit.Bringing the well to stable production

General information

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The training duration:

24 hours

The target audience:

Process engineers and specialists in the sphere of oil and gas field development and operation.


The office of SIAM MASTER Ltd: 10 a Oktyabrskaya street, Tomsk 634003. The minimum number of trainees for the training is 6.

Acquaintance with modern technology in well operation, equipped with ESP unit and study of ESP shimming methods. Also study of cases of difficult incidents, connected with failure.


  • training is conducted in the form of online training which implies audiovisual delivery (presentation) and active involvement of trainees;
  • discussion of problems and questions;
  • practicing


  • acquaintance with modern technology in well operation, equipped with ESP unit;
  • study of cases of difficult incidents, connected with failure;
  • study of ESP shimming methods, positive statistics etc.;

Training content

1 day

Current business process. The ways of fluid production. Mechanical method of fluid production. The features of well performance equipped with ESP unit. Types and schedule-size of ESP units. The mechanism of ESP and main operating characteristics.

2 day

Surface equipment necessary for ESP operation. Code review of embedded programme in different surface control stations. Capabilities of modern surface control stations. ESP operating conditions. Well operation conditions with ESP. Monitoring operation conditions of a well equipped with ESP unit. Causes of downhole equipment failures. Analysis of incidents with real life scenarios. The experience of other companies. Risks prediction. The selection of optimal solution during fluctuation. Case analysis, decision making. Boundary values of timeline connected with decision making. Bringing the well to stable production. The main stages. Preparation for bringing the well to stable production (calculation of key parameters). Putting a well on stream with thermomanometrical system (without thermomanometrical system). Existing risks, dangers during work performance. Standards and specifications of Welfare and Safety regulations when bringing well to stable production.

3 day

Bringing well to stable production. Step-by-step instructions. An ideal case. The review of optimal procedures to bring well to production. Ways to optimize approaches to work organization. Application of engineering tools for primary analysis. Modern technologies in work. The experience of work organization in other companies when bringing well to stable production. Problems and their solutions. work performance technology during emergency shutdowns. Technologies of ESP shimming. Application of ESP in challenging situations. Participant activity: fluid inflow calculation, bottomhole pressure calculation, changes of ESP characteristics when changing rotations per minute and calculation of time for appearance of flow rate at the wellhead. Questions and answers. Feedback from trainees.

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