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The basis of gas well testing for field personnel

General information

Working language:


The training duration:

24 hours

The target audience:

Gas and oil production and exploration field personnel


The office of SIAM MASTER Ltd: 10 a Oktyabrskaya street, Tomsk 634003. The minimum number of trainees for the training is 6.

Complex of methods to get information about pressure and temperature and filtration characteristics of gas and gas condensate strata, conditions of gas influx to the bottom and their productivity is studied.


  • training is conducted in the form of online training which implies audiovisual delivery (presentation) and active involvement of trainees;
  • practice in specialized database;
  • answers and questions, the solution of difficult trainees problems;


  • teaching of instrumental measurement technology during production, well and reservoir testing;
  • quality improvement of conducted production, well and reservoir testing, prompt data delivery;

Training content

1 day

Well testing for monitoring oil and gas fields development. Theoretical basis of well testing. Methods of information obtaining. The review of tools and instruments. Tools and equipment for downhole / wellhead testing. Well design.

2 day

Types of surveys (production, well and reservoir testing), measurement technology. Methods of gas lift and gas well testing. Injection well stock testing. measurement technology. Possible deviation from technology during well testing.

3 day

Work with database of testing (SIAM OS, DB SIAM). Evaluation of obtained results quality. Pre-processing and recording of measurement results. Report preparation and reporting. Questions and answers. Feedback from trainees.

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