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Pressure transient analysis (applied)

General information

Working language:


The training duration:

40 hours

The target audience:

Specialists in the sphere of oil and gas field development and operation, reservoir production improvement.


The office of SIAM MASTER Ltd: 10 a Oktyabrskaya street, Tomsk 634003. The minimum number of trainees for the training is 6.

Carrying out different activities focused on analysis of certain parameters: pressure, temperature, liquid level, production rate etc.


  • training is conducted in the form of online training which implies audiovisual delivery (presentation) and active involvement of trainees;
  • discussion of problems and questions;
  • practice in specialized software;


  • quality improvement of conducted well testing together with cost saving on ineffective measurements and testing, improved monitoring of field development;

Training content

1 day

PTA to monitor oil and gas field development. Methods of obtaining information about bottomhole pressure. PTA output parameters.

2 day

Diffusivity equation. Darcy law. Flow regimes. PTA techniques. PTA cases in Kappa Saphir.

3 day

Flow models. Reservoir models. Boundaries models. PTA cases in Kappa Saphir.

4 day

well flow index. Reservoir pressure. PTA designing. Design concept. PTA cases in Kappa Saphir. Well interference testing. PTA cases. Interpretation of difficult cases.

5 day

Gas wells. Coal-bearing layers studies. Slug tests. Exchanges. Questions and answers. Feedback from trainees.


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