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Liquid level detection in a well with a wellhead echometer

General information

Training platform:

Skype for Business

The date of training:

by agreement with the customer

The training duration:

2 hours

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The number of trainees:

up to 15 people

The webinar is intended for field workers, engineers and other specialists of oil fields where wells are operated with sucker-rod pumping units.

The purpose

The purpose of this webinar is to give structured knowledge about liquid level detection with a wellhead echometer. To consider the purposes of such testing, tools and instruments , echogram interpretation, technology features and possible complications. demonstration of Echograms analysis is in SIAMOS. Training is conducted in the form of audiovisual delivery (presentation) and subsequent discussion and answering trainees questions.


  • quality improvement of echometering;
  • improved monitoring of field development;
  • production loss enhancement due to prompt troubleshooting in well operational disturbances;

Training programme

The theme Duration, min
Introduction. The purposes of echometering in flowing and idle wells 10
The idea of liquid level. The review of a wellhead echometer. The technology of echometering with level gauges and its advantages. The main drawback - sound speed as initial necessary information 30
Features of conducting instrumental measurements. Complications influencing the fidelity of echograms (low annular pressure, ambient noise in a flowing well, deviation and/or contaminations in wells) 30
Features of pressure calculation by levels. The basis of pressure calculation (formula of hydrostatics). Different formulas of pressure calculations on liquid level. Modifications of formulas for flowing wells with high gas-oil ratio (Hasan-Kabir correlations). Necessary data for re-calculation (inclinometry, fluid density) 30
Demonstration of echometering interpretation in SIAMOS. 10
Conclusions. Recommendations. Answering trainees questions. 10

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