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Sound speed. Correlation tabulation and measurement interpretation.

General information

Training platform:

Skype for Business

The date of training:

by agreement with the customer

The training duration:

2 hours

Working language:


The number of trainees:

up to 15 people

The webinar is intended for specialists in the field of oil and gas field development and operation, who have experience in production testing interpretation.

The purpose

The purpose of this webinar is to give structured knowledge about well testing and its interpretation to measure sound speed in the annulus. To consider the necessity and purposes of such testing, tools and instruments, possible complications and their solutions. Training is conducted in the form of audiovisual delivery (presentation) and subsequent discussion and answering trainees questions.


  • quality improvement of sound speed testing;
  • improved monitoring of field development;
  • cost saving on ineffective measurements and testing;

Training programme

The theme Duration, min
Introduction. The necessity and purposes of sound speed testing in the annulus 10
Ways of sound speed calculation. Calculated and analytical method. Gas sampling method. Log marker location method. collar location method. 30
The review of tools and instruments. Features of conducting instrumental measurements 10
The selection of candidate wells 10
Interpretation of sound speed testing in SIAMOS software. Sound speed correlation plotting 20
Complications while identifying tubing collars. Signal attenuation. Alternation of tubing with different lengths. Echogram noisiness. 20
The design of common sound speed correlation table for a development target. 10
Conclusions. Recommendations. Answering trainees questions. 10

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