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Features of PTA in gas and gas condensate wells

General information

Training platform:

Skype for Business

The date of training:

by agreement with the customer

The training duration:

2 hours

Working language:


The number of trainees:

up to 15 people

The webinar is intended for specialists in the field of oil and gas field development and operation, who take part in conducting, interpreting, monitoring or checking well testing.

The purpose

The purpose of this webinar is to tell about features of well testing selection method, conducting field operations and subsequent well testing interpretation in gas and gas condensate wells. To elucidate nuances of diagnostic plotting, formation and reservoir properties evaluation taking into account changing skin factor.Training is conducted in the form of audiovisual delivery (presentation) and subsequent discussion and answering trainees questions.


  • quality improvement of gas dynamic well testing;
  • improved monitoring of field development;
  • cost saving on ineffective measurements and testing;

Training programme

The theme Duration, min
Introduction. Gas properties and failure of diffusivity equation 10
Features of gas well testing. Gas potential function and variation in skin factor depending on production rate 20
Features of field measurements and selection of tools. Gas-production test using orifice plate flow meter 20
Condensate effect on field measurements and subsequent interpretation. Retrograde condensation and its control method 20
Diagnostics in gas wells and ways of history matching 20
The selection of well testing method and well productivity evaluation. The method of back pressure, isochronous and modified isochronous 20
Conclusions. Recommendations. Answering trainees questions. 10

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