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Wellhead monitoring System SiamMaster-mini GSM - i

General concepts

  • the system is based on the wireless sensors and smartphone;
  • smartphone functions as a visualizer and a recorder for sensors of different applications (level monitoring, dynamometering, pressure monitoring and so on) with wireless connection. The sensor has an integrated power source without a display, a keyboard;
  • smartphone has IP68 protection;
  • the power system: built-in lithium battery (charged with a network adapter or car's lighter socket);
  • full charge time, not more than 7 hours;

* Supply of separate sensors is available


  • the intuitive interface of I-Service programme allows simple and quick preparing and conducting measurements;
  • sensors (echometering and dynamometering) have wireless connection to smartphone (there is no time waste on cable connection, cable faults are avoided because of its absence, reliability is improved without cables);
  • the wide operating range allows controlling and monitoring the measurements on the smartphone display at a large distance from a wellhead (up to 50 meters), including the ability to carry out multiple repeated measurements, i.e. perform measurements from vehicle;
  • installation time of sensors is minimized (attachable to a polished rod ratchet screw, small size, wireless connection);
  • GSM channel provides data transfer to a remote computer through email, messengers or other interfaces immediately after recording the measurements;
  • the user interface is very simple: it indicates accumulator charge only. Measurement scheduling, initiation, visualization and storage are remote and performed with a terminal. Data transfer is wireless;
  • the smartphone provides storage of a large number of measurements (depending on internal memory capacity) and transfer of collected data to a relevant database;

Distinctive features

  • wireless sensors connection;
  • a ratchet screw in dynamograph instead of initial power setting upon light-emitting diode readings;
  • I-Service software is based on OS Android;

differences from other similar tools

  • the connection has interference protection and large distances (usually – 50 meters);
  • used Bluetooth communications protocol provides connection with any Android smartphone having Bluetooth module;
  • the presence of GSM channel to transfer data;
  • the possibility to charge the battery under subzero temperature (from –20 °С);


Range of controlled levels 20-6000 m
Resolution 0.03 % URL
Range of controlled pressures 0-100 kgf/cm²
Max controlled load on polished rod 15000 kgf
— polished rod diameter 16-39 mm
— rod stroke 0.5-6 m
Stroke rate 0.4 – 15 SPM
Resolution while controlling the load 10 kgf
Memory capacity
— alphanumeric records >1000
— charts >1000
Operating temperature range from -40 ˚С to +50 ˚С
Echometer sensors battery life time 35 hours
Dynamometer sensors battery life time 2160 hours
Battery charging time, not more 7 hours
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex ib IIB T3 X / IP54


Product specification and user's manual

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