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Wellhead monitoring System SiamMaster-mini GSM

General concepts

  • the controller acts like a visualizer and a recorder for sensors of different applications (level monitoring, dynamometering, pressure monitoring and so on) with wireless connection. Sensors have a built-in battery, they don’t have displays nor keyboard;
  • it includes a colour graphical display and a full numeric keyboard with the set of all necessary function buttons;
  • the power system: lithium batteries built in sensors and a controller (charged with a network adapter or car's lighter socket, controller – recharging when connected to a computer);
  • sensor continuous operation time – 20 hours;
  • full charge time, not more than 7 hours;


  • the controller has a colour graphical display (sharp visual division of repeated measurements on the plot) and a comfortable keyboard with large buttons;
  • the controller menu on a graphic display allows simple and quick preparing and conducting measurement;
  • sensors (echometering and dynamometering) have wireless connection to the controller (there is no time waste on cable connection, cable faults are avoided because of its absence, reliability is improved without cables);
  • the wide operating range allows controlling and monitoring the measurements on the smartphone display at a large distance from a wellhead (up to 50 meters), including the ability to carry out multiple repeated measurements, i.e. perform measurements from vehicle;
  • installation time of sensors is significantly reduced (attachable to a polished rod ratchet screw, small size, wireless connection);
  • version with GSM modem provides data transfer to a remote computer through email, messengers or other interfaces immediately after recording the measurements;
  • the user interface is very simple: it indicates accumulator charge only. Measurement scheduling, initiation, visualization and storage are remote and performed with a terminal. Data transfer is wireless;
  • the terminal provides storage of a large number of measurements (hundreds of testing) and transfer of collected data to a computer via USB interface (exchange with a computer is simplified due to terminal connection as USB storage);

distinctive features

  • wireless sensors connection to the terminal;
  • ratchet screw in dynamograph instead of initial power setting upon light-emitting diode readings;
  • controller managing programme of direct action – without operating system;
  • a full numeric keyboard with large buttons;

differences from other similar tools

  • the connection has interference protection and large distances (usually – 50 meters);
  • wireless channel power input is several times less than Bluetooth power input (it allows rarer battery charging);
  • display with operating temperatures from -40 °С;
  • the possibility to charge the battery under subzero temperature (from –20 °С);


Range of controlled levels 20-6000 m
— resolution 0.03 % URL
The range of controlled pressures 0-100 kgf/cm²
Max controlled load on polished rod 15000 kgf
— polished rod diameter 16-39 mm
— rod stroke 0.5-6 m
Stroke rate 0.4 – 15 SPM
Resolution while controlling the load 10 kgf
Memory capacity
— alphanumeric records >1000
— charts >1000
Temperature range from -40 ˚С to +50 ˚С
Sensors battery life time 20 hours
Battery charging time, not more 7 hours


Product specification and user's manual

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