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Wireless horse shoe dynamometering sensor DDIM-2

The dynamometering sensor provides permanent monitoring of SRP (sucker rod pump) operation.


  • permanent monitoring of SRP (sucker rod pump) operation.
  • the wireless controller functions as a visualizer and a recorder. The sensor has an integrated power source and no display, keyboard or start button;


  • A smartphone or Hytera based on OS Android or a cluster modem can be used as a wireless controller
  • the wireless controller provides storage of a large number of measurements (depending on memory capacity) and transfer of accumulated data to the database;
  • Simple user-friendly interface (the sensor is equipped with battery indicators, diagnostics start by the signal from the controller via wireless interface, all the data is transmitted to the wireless controller, stored there and shown on the display;
  • the sensor is activated remotely (just detect the sensor via Bluetooth and connect them);
  • the wireless range of the sensor allows monitoring measurements on the display of the controller at a distance up to 50 meters from the wellhead;
  • sensor battery can be charged under temperatures below zero (-20⁰ C and higher);
  • the possibility to operate as part of wellhead monitoring system Siam-Master-mini GSM-1;


Max controlled load on polished rod 10 000 kgf
- polished rod diameter 16 – 37 mm
- rod stroke 0,5 - 9.999 m
Resolution while controlling the load 10 kgf
Stroke rate 1,5 – 15 SPM
Battery operating ON-time 8640 hours
Operating temperature range From -40 ˚С to +50 ˚С
Weight 1,35 kg
Data transfer interface Bluetooth
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex ib IIB T3 X / IP54


Product specification and user's manual

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