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Automatic echometer with an integrated GSM SUDOS-automat 2 GSM

Cost savings due to time reduction on decision making and data delivery, test quality improvement


Prompt fully automated monitoring of static and dynamic liquid level in producing wells, level build-up curve and pressure build-up curve, long-time monitoring of liquid level when bringing a well to stable production. Measurements are transferred via GSM network.


  • automatic measurement of the liquid level without operator assistance and data transfer to a database of a distant recipient by means of integrated GSM modem;
  • lithium battery with an option of replacement and recharging at any time without battery depletion;
  • the possibility to program the operation and implementing of preset program fully automatically without the presence of a specialist;


Range of controlled liquid level from 20 to 3000 (6000) m
Range of measured annulus pressure in automatic mode 0-100 kgf/cm²
Pressure range while controlling the level automatically 0-50 kgf/cm²
Memory capacity
- alphanumeric records 12064
- charts 2605
Number of automatic echometer shots while GSM regime (under the temperature from – 40 ⁰C) 200*
The number automatic echometer shots with magnetic valve after total battery charge without GSM regime 1000*
Pressure resolution 0.1 atm
Battery charging time 3.5 hours
50 % battery charging time 0.5 hour
Operating temperature range from -40 ˚С to +50 ˚С
Dimensions 185х420х190 mm
weight 8 kg
Computer data transfer interface USB / RS232**
GSM-modem design integrated into echometer, external detachable antenna
Echometer and GSM modem battery built-in Li battery
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex ib IIB T3 X / IP54

*Under normal climatic conditions

**Tools with RS232 interface are optional and must be ordered separately if required.


Product specification and user's manual

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