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Downhole pressure and temperature gauge OMEGA-SAMT


  • Recording of pressure and temperature along the length of the borehole and / or their changes in time at any depth, for example, at the bottom during pressure build-up curve recording;
  • pressure fall-off curve and pressure build-up curve recording at the bottom;
  • start of measurements according to pre-set values of time, pressure and temperature;


  • fully automated operation;
  • setting of operation mode and data transfer does not require dismantle, it is carried out by means of computer or pocket PC by connecting wires to electrodes on the body of the gauge;
  • automated multiple and long-term measurements are assured by large memory capacity (up to 16 million data points of pressure and temperature; each record is identified separately, up to 1000 independent records);
  • time interval programming mode of a measurement saves memory during long-term measurements and battery, reduces the time for data reading;
  • a wide range of time discontinuity from 20 ms to 1 day;
  • gauge software allows setting operation mode of a gauge, its turn-on time, checking its battery and memory, transferring data to PC, looking through and printing recorded pressure and temperature values;


Pressure measuring range 40, 70, 100 MPa
Max reduced error (in ranges of pressure) for quartz gauge ± 0,02 %
Pressure resolution 0,0001 MPa
Operating temperature range From 0⁰ C to 150⁰ C
Max absolute error while temperature measuring ± 0,1 °С
Temperature resolution 0,005 °С
Min time step 1 sec in standard mode, 1/50 sec in extendedmode
Memory capacity (the number of simultaneous recording of pressure, temperature, time), min 16 000 000
Run time, min 1 year with 16 sec step
Data transfer interface USB-adapter
Diameter 25 mm
Length 725 mm
Weight 2,3 kg
Calibration period 15 years
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex ia IIB T3 Gb X / IP68


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