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SiamMaster - GDIS 2-7 Pickup


  • an electric-driven electronic control «SIAM-LESP-7» slickline winch is used, also there is free fall. Power supply is from one-phase industrial network 220 V, 50 hz;
  • AC frequency changer provides infinitely variable speed control of lowering slickline from 7% to nominal;
  • change in direction of slickline movements is made by changing rotating direction of a motor shaft - electronic reverse;
  • speed, running depth and pulling force is controlled by an electronic meter. The running depth control is duplicated by a mechanical meter.
  • there are 2 working areas cabined off with a watch window in the vehicle: an engineering compartment (body) and operator control room (cabin). Slickline is run through a rear locker door.
  • to light the wellhead and a slickline winch, spotlamps (220 V), a pilot-lite (12V) are installed;
  • there is an amplified telephone;


Slickline diameter From 1.8 to 2.2 mm
Empty drum traction force not less than 3000 N
Winding speed (according to the pulling force versus speed curve) From 300 to 4000 m/h
Drum capacity for slickline 1.8 … 2.2 mm 4000 m
Drum mounting type adjustable
Induction electric motor (motor gear) 2.2 kW
Transducer power output 2.2 kW
Lab power supply 220 V, 1 phase, 50 hz
Operating temperature range for engineering compartment equipment from –40 °С to +50 °С
Operating temperature range for electronic equipment of control room from –1 °С to +40 °С
Computer operating temperature range from +5 °С to +40 °С
Maximum processing equipment capacity 5 kW
Lab life cycle 10 years
Free fall yes


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