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Published 02.12.2021

Participation of SIAM Company in scientific and practical conferences in Khanty-Mansiysk and Moscow

About events SIAM Company took part in

In November 2021 experts of SIAM Company participated online in 2 large scientific and practical forums.

The first one is the XXV anniversary scientific and practical conference «Ways of the Western Siberia’s oil and gas potential realization» (23-26 November 2021, Khanty-Mansiysk city, AI «V.I. Shpilman Research and Analytical Centre for the Rational Use of the Subsoil»).

During the conference geological, technological, economic, legal, ecological, informational and organizational issues of subsoil management and development of the oil and gas industry in Western Siberia were discussed.

The second forum is the I International scientific and practical conference «Enhanced oil recovery at conventional and unconventional plays» (29.11.2021-01.12.2021, Moscow, Skoltech)

The conference was held as part of the programme for creation and development of the World-Class Scientific Center «Rational development of the planet’s liquid hydrocarbon reserves». It became common ground for exchanges and open discussion. Participants discussed approaches to laboratory support, modeling and evaluation of enhanced oil recovery at conventional and unconventional plays.

Heads, experts and specialists of leading universities of Russia, scientific research centers, oil and gas producing companies as well as domestic and foreign services companies took part in these events.

In the photo: Deputy commercial director for business development Simolin V.A. and Head of stimulation department Uskov A.A. at the conference

Participation of SIAM Company in every conference

The company was represented by Deputy commercial director for business development Simolin V.A. and Head of stimulation department Uskov A.A. The specialists took part in the workshops and roundtable discussions dealing with the advancement and spread of chemical methods of oil recovery improvement (CMORI).

Extensive introduction of CMORI is gaining great significance as the number of highly watered fields and hard to recover reserves with respect to total reserves is increasing.

The moderators of this discussion became the representatives of «Gazprom Neft» company which adopted the development of CMORI as the main strategy and which is the leader in this sphere.

Since 2020 SIAM Company has implemented a joint project with Gazprom Neft PJSC on testing and estimating efficiency of different solutions for CMORI at the Holmogorovskoe field and has provided services in the evaluation of residual oil saturation in the formation using tracers.

In the photo: Uskov A.A., the Head of stimulation department

The content of our report

Within the framework of this conference the expert of SIAM Company A.A. Uskov presented a report on «Modern methods of CMORI evaluation». The following issues were raised:

  • conceptual approach to introduction of CMORI at fields with respect to world experience;
  • modern methods of CMORI evaluation using smart tracers as well as their advantages and value for subsoil users;

The review of a SIAM Company experience, which is unique for Russia, in the application of «Evaluation of residual oil saturation in the formation using tracers» to assess the performance of introduced CMORI methods.

SIAM Company has been developing this activity area since 2017. Today SIAM is the only services company in Russia which has implemented homeland technology of performing such works and gained field experience.

This technology has supplemented the range of company’s innovative services and extended application of tracers testing to improve field development.

Further advancement in tracer technologies is the prime objective of the company's activity.

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