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Published: 29.09.2022

SIAM company is a regular participant of Petroleum Forum DECOM

Location: Saint-Petersburg
Author: Alexey Ankushev
Album: 5 October, DECOM 2022
In the photo: Principal of Nafta College and Chairman of the Organisational Committee Arthur Aslanyan at the opening ceremony of DECOM 2022

About DECOM 2022

In the beginning of October Petroleum Discussion Forum DECOM, organised by the Nafta College in a partnership with the leading oil and gas companies, was held in Saint-Petersburg.This is a regular event that has been held since 2017. This year, more than 150 delegates from all over Russia participated in the forum, including the Siam Master employee. More than 800 people participated in this event online.

As the forum's press office pointed out, Petroleum Discussion Forum DECOM is the platform for an open discussion on oil and gas field development planning, production analysis, data surveillance and asset management. The distinguishing feature of DECOM is its element of debate — specialists from different companies and with unique backgrounds can share their experience in the form of a free discussion and collaborative work.

The DECOM was always praised for its eventful programme. The main part of a programme is traditionally held by forum-sessions, that are organised in the form of discussions, debates, round tables, masterclasses, reports and interviews with experts. This year, within each session, latest technological challenges that the oil and gas industry faces were discussed, such as, the use of gas EGR in the development of low-permeability collectors and the market of domestic high-tech devices. For three days, thematic tasks and quizzes took place and were a nice addition to the main programme.

Location: Saint-Petersburg
Author: Alexey Ankushev
Album: 7 October, DECOM 2022
In the photo: DECOM 2022 participants at the closing ceremony

SIAM at the forum DECOM

This is not the first forum for SIAM — the first time when the company participated in this event was in 2018. Through the years delegates from SIAM were:

  • Anikanov Alexander, director of the Well Test department, Alexeenko Anna, lead specialist of EM (2018, Kazan);
  • Kongarova Marina, specialist, Voronenko Olga, lead quality specialist, Sitnikov Gregory, senior specialist of hydrodynamic modelling department (2019, Tuymen);
  • Nazarov Anton, director of the Krasnodar branch of Siam Master Ltd. (2020, online forum);
  • Katyurina Nadezhda, junior specialist of the Hydrodynamic Well Test department (2022, Saint-Petersburg).

The forum DECOM is an important platform for an open dialogue among the leaders of the oil and gas industry and for creating business relationships. In 2018 our colleagues from Sofoil, TGT Service Ltd., Gazpromneft NTC Ltd. presented their reports. The SIAM delegation was interested to hear the colleagues' opinion and discuss questions of the industry’s future.

In the photo: Nadezhda Katyurina was a representative of Siam Mater Ltd. at the forum DECOM 2022

In the following years, our specialists became regular participants of the DECOM forum. In 2019, the Siam Master team participated in the PetroCup tournament, where they had to work on the analysis and development of the field from scratch. They were given 3 days to do so. The main advantage of this game is a team approach. Specialists with different technical backgrounds are united in one team, which allows players to get acquainted with the work of their colleagues and find spheres for improvement to further develop the company and to increase its efficiency.

In 2020, Anton Nazarov participated in the forum with his quiz on well testing and for that he was named the «Master of Riddles».

Nadezhda Katyurina, a participant of DECOM 2022, noted that due to the participation of specialists from different fields and the discussion of a wide range of topics, this forum is a great teaching opportunity for new specialists.

Next year the event will be held in Ufa. We will be glad to participate in it again, meet our colleagues and discuss relevant issues of the industry. See you at DECOM 2023!

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