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Published: 04.04.2024

SIAM Company congratulates you on Geologist's Day!

Dear colleagues!

Specialists from various professions work in our company. Year after year, they demonstrate their high level of professionalism. Every first Sunday of April, we congratulate those who can be called field scouts, those who step by step climb up the mountain called "Science".

You are specialists whose successful discoveries form the foundation of the mining industry! Accept our sincere congratulations on Geologist's Day! With your knowledge, experience, and hard work, we have achieved significant successes and overcome numerous challenges.

The professional holiday is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday of April, symbolizing the beginning of preparation for the field season. Therefore, we wish you an endless energy, creative inspiration, success in your projects, and the ability to overcome new heights!

From SIAM Company, we are ready to support you and your ideas. Let's together pave the way to new horizons! Happy holidays, dear colleagues!

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