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Published: 31.01.2023

Siam Master Ltd. returned its historical volumes in Nefteyugansk

In the photo: Alik A. Habirov at the opening of Nefteyugansk branch of Siam Master Ltd.

Formation of Siam Master Ltd. in Nefteyugansk

In the end of 2001, OJSC «Yukos Oil Company» outsourced its research divisions to «Control Service» Ltd., a joint company that it founded with SIAM Company. On July 1, 2005, due to the liquidation of Yukos and the arrival of new owners it was decided to create a new branch of Siam Master Ltd. in Nefteyugansk. The main activities were the provision of services for wells’ productivity measurement and hydrodynamic and field research.

The opening of this branch was the base for the development, the rapid growth of the number of customers, geographical expansion of the business (mostly in the Tyumen Region and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District) and the nomenclature of works.

Last year, the branch of Siam Master Ltd. in Nefteyugansk celebrated its 20th anniversary. Today it is one of the largest branches of SIAM.

About responsible managers, or cadres decide everything

On October 5, 2022, Nefteyugansk’s branch won the tender for the provision of services for well testing, geological and field support of wells for RosNeft-Yuganskneftegaz Ltd., which allowed us to regain the lost historical volumes of work in the Yugansk and Priobsky regions.

This victory was both a great joy for the company and a serious challenge. Siam Master Ltd. was faced with an important problem to solve —staff the engineering and analytical services in a short amount of time. The solution of this issue is handled by Liana R. Rakhmatullina, head of the regional division of the Engineering Center in Nefteyugansk. Due to the fact that the search for qualified specialists in the northern cities takes a lot of time, it was decided to divide the amount of analytical work between 3 branches: in addition to the Nefteyugansk branch, the analytical divisions of Siam Master Ltd. in Tomsk and Krasnodar were a part of data processing and interpretation. We would like to thank the employees of these branches Levshin Mikhail, Astafiev Sergey, Shevtsova Anastasia, Katyurina Nadezhda, Shlyard Daria, Chuchulin Alexander, Nazarov Anton and Fedotova Daria for their great help.

In the photo: Liana R. Rakhmatullina, head of the regional division of the Engineering Center in Nefteyugansk

In the photo: Valery G. Vybornov, director of Nefteyugansk branch of Siam Master Ltd.

In the photo: Marat M. Biktagirov, vice senior engineer — project coordinator

As for the production service, it was decided to focus on hiring young specialists. The management of the branch of Siam Master Ltd., represented by Valery G. Vybornov and Marat M. Biktagirov, actively worked with oil and gas colleges and universities. According to the curator of the project, Marat Biktagirov, more than 50 young operators were hired to the Nefteyugansk branch.

In the photo: Daria V. Shlyard, participant of master class for specialists of the Engineering Center at the plant of TSIIC SIAM

Future development

SIAM Company always believed that staff development is the key to the success of the entire company. Last November, to support and integrate new employees in Nefteugansk, Liana Rakhmatullina came to Tomsk for a business trip to organize special training. In January of this year, Evgeny V. Pugachev, an engineer at the Tomsk Polytechnic University's field development and operation Laboratory, went to Nefetyugansk with a series of lectures for production personnel about the basics of well testing. At the same time, on January 11, 2023 a master class about the use of TSIIC SIAM devices was held on the territory of the Tomsk Plant for employees of Nefteugansk’s analytical service.

Such a large and complex work, of course, could not be done without the careful supervision of managers. We thank L.R. Rakhmatullina, M.M. Biktagirov and V.G. Vybornov for their high professionalism, efficiency and fast decision-making.

Today, the development of the Nefteyugansk branch is still in the process. Despite the problems, the team and management do not lose motivation and move forward towards a common goal. We are proud of our colleagues from Nefteyugansk and hope that in the future they will be able to fulfil their potential!

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