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Published: 26.02.2024

TSIIC SIAM has increased its production capacity

In the photo: SMD assembly line

New equipment for operation improvement

TSIIC SIAM has upgraded its equipment: the company has bought a new SMD assembly line, which includes an installer of SMD components, a connecting inspection conveyor and a screen printer.

The purchase of this assembly line is a big step for TSIIC SIAM. This is a base for the reliable operation of various technical systems and equipment in the fields and enterprises. Moreover, this line is an investment in the future, which will allow the company to scale production and adapt to changing market conditions.

In the photo: SMD assembly line operation

Reserve for the future

Modernisation of equipment is a part of the strategy to upgrade production. According to the company’s management it is a necessary step because SIAM is increasing production volumes. Maintaining a high level of product quality requires a new approach to our equipment, its new quality level and efficiency of application.

The new line will automate the operation of TSIIC SIAM. This assembly line has a high throughput and accuracy, which will increase SIAM’s performance by at least 4 times, while maintaining the high quality of the devices.

We always try to improve our work for our customers, and the renewal of our equipment is a clear sign of this.

Video from our factory

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