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All competences of SIAM engineering analytical center and data management algorithm allow prompt and qualitative satisfying of the objectives.

Complex analytics
Complex analytics implies special services including pressure transient analysis, interference analysis and isobar mapping. The result of the work is detailed maps with the analysis of object energy state time history and reports with thoroughly processed initial data. Such reports allow making strategic decisions about development of an object under study and meticulous planning of further activities.
Geological and technological modelling and development monitoring
The company has more than 15-year experience in the field of geological and technological modelling and well development monitoring. Specialists of our engineering center carry out the whole range of work from initial geophysical and laboratory data interpretation and designing of geological, hydrodynamic and technological models to multiple calculations and optimisation of object development strategy.
Geosteering and drilling technical support
The main aim of geosteering is to provide drilling a well within the target interval. It can be done by twenty-four-hour monitoring well drilling, prompt data processing, analysis and timely recommendations focused on keeping the wellbore within the target interval and from entering a high risk zone.
Planning, support and interpretation of testing
Engineering center SIAM has extensive experience in planning, support and interpretation of different production testing, production logging, well testing in oil, gas and gas condensate wells. We use modern software together with generally accepted interpretation techniques. The result of work is reports with structured and reliable data. It allows increasing efficiency of well development monitoring.
Research and development
The engineering center SIAM performs more focused tasks – we carry out research, development and engineering work for our customers. For example, complex analytics to generalize well, production and reservoir testing data. We also offer unique engineering solutions, which we introduce into client’s production. So, the revenues of a partner company increases and business processes are optimized.
Support of well intervention
Technically and economically evaluated programme of well intervention optimizes oil and gas well development and increases oil recovery factor, conformance control and slowdown of production-decline rate due to watercut control. Specialists of our engineering center select candidate wells carefully taking into account geological characteristics and pressure and temperature conditions of a field.

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