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Sensors are designed for prompt and complex sucker rod pump monitoring. This tool provides monitoring «weight – stroke» type dynamometer cards in working conditions and when pumps are brought to stable production.

Wireless automatic dynamometer SIDDOS-automat 3

It is designed for complex automatic monitoring of SRP condition.

Wireless dynamometer SIDDOS-2

Currently it is the smallest and lightest single-block unit with an integrated display.

Wireless dynamometering sensor SIDDOS – automat 3M

Wireless dynamometering sensor is designed for complex monitoring of SRP (sucker rod pump) operation.

Wireless horse shoe dynamometering sensor DDIM-2

The dynamometering sensor provides permanent monitoring of SRP (sucker rod pump) operation.

Wireless polished-rod dynamometering sensor DDIN-2

This sensor is designed for prompt monitoring of SRP condition. It performs multiple measurements and records stroke and weight value on the polished rod during SRP operation.

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