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Wireless manual echometering sensor DU-1

The sensor is designed for prompt liquid level control in producing wells.


Generation of acoustic impulses in the annulus, receiving, converting and analysis of echo signal, detection of liquid level and wellhead pressure control.


  • a smartphone or Hytera based on OS Android can be used as a wireless controller;
  • simple user-friendly interface (the sensor is equipped with battery indicators, diagnostics start by the signal from the controller via wireless interface, all the data is transmitted to the controller wirelessly);
  • the wireless range of the sensor allows monitoring measurements on the display of the controller at a distance up to 50 meters from the wellhead;
  • the possibility to operate as part of wellhead monitoring system Siam-Master-mini GSM-1;
  • the sensor has a built-in lithium cell


Range of controlled liquid level From 20 to 3000 (6000) m
resolution 0.03% URL
Range of measured pressures From 0 to 100 kgs/cm²
Pressure resolution 0.1 kgs/cm²
Annular sound velocity range 250-450 m/s
Battery operating ON-time* 35 hours
Battery charging time 8 hours
Operating temperature range from -40 ˚С to +50 ˚С
Computer data transfer interface USB
weight 2.3 kg
Wireless data transfer interface Bluetooth
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex ib IIB T3 X / IP54

*Normal climatic conditions, with full charge


Product specification and user's manual
Download (974 KB)

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