Oilfield services

Auxiliary equipment accessories

Associated equipment which is used together with well testing tools of SIAM Company.

Acoustic pulse generator GAI-01

It is designed to form and send acoustic pulses into a well while monitoring liquid level in the annular of oil producing wells with no excess gas pressure.

Boost battery BA-01

Boost battery BА-01 is designed to be used with echometer SUDOS-automat 2 for automatic echometering of wells during continuous operations, especially in cold season.


Controller BVK-04 is designed to import data from echometers, dynamographs, wellhead and downhole pressure gauges, to provide prompt monitoring of measurement results, and to be used as a remote panel for setting object identification data and testing parameters, and transferring measurement data to a distant recipient via mobile communications

Gas cylinder set GBO – 02

It is designed to be used with echometers for echometering of wells under annular gas pressure from vacuum to 2-4 kgf/cm².

Radio extender RU-02

It is designed for wireless connection of SIAM Company tools to a PC or «BVK-03».

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