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Wellhead pressure and temperature gauge UMT-02

A unique combination of options in one electronic device - data recording and automation of repeated measurements in a fully unattended mode


  • Multiple pressure and temperature measurements at the top of producing and injection wells for single or permanent recording of single pressure and temperature values;
  • the possibility to record current values of pressure and double temperatures at the place of gauge installation and remote temperature transducer when UMT-02 is installed instead of indicating pressure gauge;
  • data transfer to the database via standard USB protocol (from the gauge package) and via Bluetooth/GSM;


  • The ambient temperature ranges up to -40°С;
  • Support of full function mode with a computer: operation of management, mode setting, data read-out from the memory;
  • The possibility to program without logging on to the controller;
  • The possibility of automated mode due to internal LiOn battery or external solar panels (optional)*;
  • Optional remote temperature transducer;
  • Allows inputting and storing data (field, well cluster, well, the number of a department and an operator);
  • Delivery scope includes a database of measurements for their storage and analysis. DB Android version is supplied to special order;


Available in ranges of pressure 10, 25, 40, 60 MPa
Max reduced error (in the ranges of temperature) ± 0,15 % (–20 °С...+50 °С)
Pressure resolution 0,0001 MPa
temperature range From -40 ⁰C to +50 ⁰C
Temperature measurement range with internal sensor From -40 ⁰C to +50 ⁰C
Temperature measurement range with the temperature transducer From -55 ⁰C to +125 ⁰C
Max absolute error while temperature measuring with internal sensor ± 0,2 °С (–20 °С...+50 °С)
Temperature resolution 0,001 °С
Min time step 1 sec
Memory capacity (the number of simultaneous recording of pressure, inside and ambient temperature, time), min 67 433 500
Continuous operation time (interval 1 min), min 500 days
Data transfer interface USB or Bluetooth** /GSM***
Diameter 87 mm
Length 212 mm
Weight 1,5 kg
Connecting thread М 20 * 1,5
Calibration period 3 years
Explosion proof protection / Ingress Protection Rating 1 Ex dib IIB T3 X / IP54

** and **** - optional, request when ordering


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