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SiamMaster - GDIS 2- GD1/GD2 URAL


  • pulling-and-running mechanism with hydraulic power drive and electronic control;
  • hydraulic equipment independent drive from additional power take-off device of a vehicle;
  • the possibility of infinitely variable speed control for lowering slickline from 300 to 7200 m/h;
  • the possibility to use Free fall mode (when coupling is released);
  • added pull characteristic up to 30000 N (empty drum);
  • metering gauge without full coverage of a measuring wheel (excluding redundant slickline strain);
  • extended drum capacity up to 10000 m with a slickline of the diameter up to 0.105 in (2.67 mm);
  • application of modern hydraulic drive circuit, as well as reliable import accessory equipment;
  • Speed, running depth and pulling force is controlled by an electronic meter;
  • Additional running depth control is duplicated by a mechanical meter;
  • There are 2 working areas cabined off with a watch window in the vehicle: an engineering compartment and operator control room. There is a watch window with armored glass between these areas. slickline is run through splitdoors;
  • an engineering compartment is equipped with an oil-based heater 220 V in addition to self-contained heaters 24 V (diesel fuel);
  • to light the wellhead and a slickline winch, 220 V line-operated spotlamps and a pilot-lite with 24 V on-board power system are installed;
  • There is an amplified telephone;
  • It is equipped with a hoisting device to change a drum (optional);


slickline diameter From 1.8 to 2.5 mm
empty drum traction force SIAM-LGS-1 Not less than 30000 N(3000 kgf)
empty drum traction force SIAM-LGS-2 Not less than 8000 N (800 kgf)
winding speed From 300 to 7200 m/h
drum capacity for slickline d 1.8 …2.67 mm 10000 m
Drum mounting type adjustable
Hydraulic drive power SIAM-LGS-1 30 kW
Hydraulic drive power SIAM-LGS-2 10 kW
Lab power supply 220 V, 2 phases, 50 hz
Operating temperature range for engineering winch unit equipment From –40 °C to +50 °С
Operating temperature range for electronic equipment of control room from –1 °С to +40 °С
additional processing equipment capacity, max 3.5 kW
Lab life cycle 10 years


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