Oilfield services


There is the design engineering department and high-tech manufacturing which produces more than 50 different tools and products for the oil and gas industry


Sensor provides monitoring of static and dynamic liquid level, recording of fall-off and build-up curves, annulus pressure recording at the wellhead.


Sensors are designed for prompt and complex sucker rod pump monitoring. This tool provides monitoring «weight – stroke» type dynamometer cards in working conditions and when pumps are brought to stable production.

Pressure and temperature gauges

Fluids pressure and temperature gauges. They are used to conduct well testing of oil producing wells.

Downhole pressure and temperature gauges

Gauges are used to measure temperature and pressure of liquid, gaseous and multiphase fluids. They are also used to execute a wide range of analytical and process tasks.

Wellhead monitoring system

The system is designed to promptly monitor the liquid level in a well and dynamometering. The connection between smartphone and sensor is wireless.

Mobile well testing laboratories

Laboratories are designed to lower and hoist tools and instruments with a slickline for well testing and other well activities.

Auxiliary equipment accessories

Associated equipment which is used together with well testing tools of SIAM Company.

Inspection tools

Inspection and calibration tools for equipment testing

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