Oilfield services

Well testing

Conducting well testing is essential preparatory work when planning the development of oil and gas fields. The main purpose is to obtain -geological and production data for reserves calculation, to choose a crude development method and prove its economic feasibility based on the data.

Our approach

Together with conventional research, SIAM Company actively develops new integrated approaches, which combine performing conventional research and applying technologies of oil, gas and gas condensate production.
Taking into account the depletion of main oil and gas fields as well as diminishing reserves and their quality deterioration, remote fields are being actively explored and developed nowadays. The most effective way to study oil field potential at early stages of development is pilot oil production with the possibility to process hydrocarbons to market standard

This kind of service is performed with mobile well testing labs MWTL SIAM. They allow a subsoil user to cope with the following tasks:

  • confirmation of geological and recoverable reserves;
  • prompt assessment of a production target;
  • drilling optimization program;
  • mitigation of infrastructure development investment risks;
  • optimization and operational management of CAPEX, OPEX;
  • advanced re-engineering of surface facilities.

Integrated approaches

Purpose and advantages:

  • long-term well testing and early production under tax benefits;
  • production rate measurements in a wide range;
  • processing the production (including market standard) and its shipment to subsoil users;
  • operating at remote fields in full autonomy.

Benefits for subsoil user:

  • gathering full information about a geological object with minimum cost;
  • prompt assessment of a geological object;
  • cost saving by twice on surface facilities under conditions of uncertain oil / gas in place and capacity of field to produce;
  • optimization of current oil production and development;

Flexible approach to providing equipment can reduce time of bringing into service to 2-4 months depending on the real Customer’s needs.

Integrated approach of SIAM Company: turn-key project

  • cooperative studies and preparation of performance specifications for Customer’s needs;
  • report on economic feasibility of works;
  • temporary wellsite engineering;
  • life support infrastructure deployment:
    • fuel supply;
    • energy generation;
    • provision of personnel with water, food, accommodation etc;
  • provision with special machines (crane, bulldozer, crew change vehicle, mobile steaming unit, cementing truck, mobile nitrogen membrane unit);
  • Pilot project:
    • heating-up (including associated petroleum gas) and production separation;
    • separate measurement of oil, water and gas rate;
    • oil treatment (to commodity groups - optionally);
    • prompt product analysis (watercut, oil density, mass fraction of chloride salt, particles content, mechanical impurities);
    • product shipping by truck tankers with loading stand;
    • oil combustion in a torch under smoke-free technology when shipping is impossible (optionally);
    • flaring of associated petroleum gas;
  • Ecological support:
    • Development and approval of a maximum permissible emission project;
    • Obtaining licenses from the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resource Usage, Russian Federal State Agency for Health and Consumer Rights etc.

Equipment configuration:

process equipment:

  • Oil line heater;
  • chemical injection package;
  • production tank;

Rate measurement equipment:

  • gas-oil separator or multiphase flow meter;
  • calibrated test tank.

Shipping facility:

  • Production supply pump unit:
    • to flare burner;
    • to tank-truck loading system;

Support equipment:

  • automation equipment and control instrumentation;
  • diesel power station.

Disposal/shipping equipment:

  • For fluid disposal:
    • flare burner;
    • air compressors;
    • gas manifold;
  • fluid loading arm equipped with a pump and LACT

Characteristics of equipment complex:

Liquid output, m³ / d to 1 000 and higher (if requested)
Gas output, std m³ / d to 2 000 000
Mass flow rate measurement error Up to 2%
Gas volume flow rate measurement error Up to 5%
Working pressure (estimated), MPa Up to 16
Ambient temperature, ⁰С From – 60 to +50

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